Little Impressions

It’s amazing how fast they grow. What better way to create an enduring memento than with a Little Impressions three dimensional cast. It takes only a few minutes to make the clay impression. Then, the cast is made, preserving the uniqueness of your little ones forever.

Memories are made of these… Little Impressions that last forever

For little more than the cost of some “do it yourself” kits, you can have a hand crafted, professionally finished and framed single cast of your little one’s hand or foot.

Capture and preserve forever, the size and uniqueness of your child’s hands and feet. Handmade casts beautifully presented in a fully lined solid oak frame.

I hold a Franchise for Little Impressions based in Cheshire, which compliments my Silver Fingerprint work. Examples of the framed outprints are shown below. These are just a small sample of the full range of work that can be produced. Impressions must be taken from the hand or foot and cannot be done with Inkless Wipes, unlike my fingerprint jewellery.  Many customers book a session in my Studio to see a range of samples, or meet me at one of my casting sessions – you can book an appointment with me online.